Hey, I'm Adeel

I'm a Digital Strategist with a combined skill-set of Digital Design, (Frontend/Backend) Coding and Digital Marketing (SEO, AdWords, Conversions, Social). I've won Web Guru award and got thrice nominated by Awwwards, CSSReel and HTML Awards.

Web Design is a mix of Craft, Science, Storytelling & Philosophy

You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow. And that's why businesses nowadays need a responsive website that not only looks good in all devices but also converts visitors into inquiries & more business.

What do I actually do

I don't just develop a website for my clients, I take the time to understand each client's needs and build a strategy and plan on how to optimize their web presence. Some of those strategies are as follows:

  • Custom Web Design
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Website Design for Smartphones
  • Interactive Graphics & Illustrations for the Web
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Typography
  • I Design It Until You're Happy
  • Responsive, Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Interactive Frontend Development
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap
  • Web Apps with PHP & MySQL Database
  • My Preferred MVC Framework: CodeIgniter
  • E-commerce (Custom & WooCommerce)
  • WordPress (Themes plus Plugins Dev)
  • Big Data Apps with MEAN Stack
  • Advanced Search and Inventory development
  • Profile Management and User Registration
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Source Code Optimization & Minification
  • Source Code Management with GitHub
  • Content-based Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Keyword Reseach & Analysis
  • On-Page SEO, Code Optimization
  • Creation of High Quality Content
  • Off-Page SEO, Quality Link-Building
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • AdWords, PPC & Paid Search Marketing
  • Average Monthly Cost Less Than $1000
  • Weekly and Monthly Progress Reports

I also Write

I write blogs about web technologies, browsers, WordPress, Google, SEO and all things web. Below are some recent examples!

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My Web Design Work

  • Client:

    First, I custom designed mockups of 11 different pages in Photoshop (View Mockups). Then I coded these mockups into responsive web pages with HTML / CSS / jQuery and then developed half of the features with Smart eCart. The rest I had to custom develop and integrate with WordPress system & the database.

    Quodo basically enables teachers to signup and publish classes, and students can book the classes, leave reviews for teachers and lots of other features. This was a unique platform with high-end requirements. The custom design and development of all the pages and features consumed 2 months. Visit Quodo.com.

    Team Intro
    Testimonial from Robert (Video)
  • Client:
    Online Couch

    I designed the Logo & then the Responsive Website Mockups (Desktop & Mobile versions) for Lisa Thomas, Sex Therapist. After her approval, I implemented these designs on WordPress. She was an amazing client to work with, didn't request for many revisions. So I was able to complete her website within 3 weeks.

    Before launch, I did some basic SEO for her website and optimized site's source code, CSS, JS files & images to improve the loading speed. She was very happy with the outcome and gave me a testimonial after project's completion. Visit OnlineCouch.com.

    Team Intro
    Testimonial from Lisa (Video)
  • Client:
    Adwords Nerds

    I designed a Logo Concept based on 'Nerdy' Glasses, in reference to their brand name and their CEO who also wears glasses. Then I designed the desktop and mobile mockups for their new website. They loved the custom look of their website and the blog. I also designed graphics, backgrounds and illustrations to take their web design to the next level.

    They approved all the designs immediately, so I started coding them into funtional web pages with HTML5, CSS and jQuery. To make them fully mobile responsive, I used Bootstrap framework. Then I implemented the homepage and blog pages on WordPress for easy management in the future. Visit AdWords Nerds

    Team Intro
    Testimonial from Daniel (Video)
  • Client:
    HillCrest Care Center

    I recently designed and developed three different websites for the healthcare sector, with lots of different features. Please have a look:


    The third one is an Intranet portal, so you won't be able to see it without the logins. But you can visit the 1st two. All were designed & developed by me from scratch, starting from wireframes using paper pencil. Then I designed the mockups for the homepage and tens of inner pages for each of these websites in Photoshop. And then sought client's feedback via InVision app. For example, here is the homepage mockup: invis.io/R44ZBD9NW

    It took me 3 months to complete the design, frontend coding and WordPress integration for 70+ pages of these websites. The client wanted pixel perfection in all the devices. I also custom developed an intranet portal for their nurses, staff members and patients.

  • Altuslift

    Altus Lift Trucks

    Altus Lift Trucks LLC wanted to hire web designer for a complete redesign of their website with two goals in mind:

    - Higher visibility in search engines through SEO.
    - Conversion of site visitors into sales through a better design and UX.

    The e-commerce website I designed & developed for them was the first one I created for the heavy equipment industry. Despite the industry connotation, I set out to create an aesthetically pleasing and well-designed site that matches their level of service. Plus, it loads fast and looks perfect in all browsers and devices.

    I was also able to get their website rank on the 1st page of Google for 6 out of 10 keywords that they intended to target. Visit AltusLift.com

  • Galileo

    Galileo Tech Media

    I worked full-time for a couple of years for Galileo Tech Media, a digital agency based in New York. I worked on a variety of different web design, development & SEO projects of their clients. Including the revamp of their own websites:

    Galileo Creators

    The 1st two are already Live on their original domains. But the development of Galileo Creators has been paused for a few months. It is supposed to be an online marketplace where businesses will go to find, hire, collaborate with and pay leading freelancers from around the globe. I've designed their logo, web mockups and in future I will work on the development of this website with Laravel (PHP Framework).

  • Kaiden Home Technologies

    Kaiden Home Technologies

    Kaiden provides custom Home Automation solutions and services. They wanted to hire web developer but they had a limited budget for their website design and development, so I used a WordPress theme named "Avada" as a starting point and then designed the website mockups keeping in mind the limitations of Avada theme.

    After the approval of mockups, I was able to implement these designs on WordPress using Avada theme options in significantly less time. And that's how I was able to keep the costs lower. Visit Kaiden.com

  • iDress Diamonds

    Diamonds Designer

    I'm still developing this e-commerce website with state-of-the-art technology. On the frontend, I'm using AngularJS with HTML5 & CSS3. And for the backend, I'm using PHP CodeIgniter framework.

    This project also includes the development of a jewelry configurator app which will be displayed on the product pages, so their customers will be able to customize their jewelry designs before adding them to the cart.

    This website will be fully competitive in terms of appeal and functionality with the leading brand shops of jewelry. It will be a responsive website, flawless both in its appeal and in placing / processing orders, offering excellent user experience in desktops as well as mobile phones. My client intends to establish a respectable website addressing a target group of the premium and luxury segment of customers. I will also optimize it for SEO. Visit Diamonds Designer (Under Construction)

I've 100+ other projects, can show you on request. Email: adeel@echofreelance.com.

SEO Results

I always implement white-hat and long lasting SEO strategies. And as a result, your website's rankings in Google search results won't fade away with time.

I'm not just an ordinary SEO guy. My strongholds include SEO, AdWords, Social and all facets of digitial marketing.


I designed this site in 2013 with content first approach & then implemented my SEO strategy. It's still ranking: Find on Google.com


I wrote 50k+ words of text for my site in 2014, displayed enticingly on landing pages targeting specific keywords. Find on Google.com


After keyword research, I prepared SEO optimized content & acquired quality inbound links for this site in 2012. Find on Google.co.uk

Kent Photography

Shortlisted keywords, pointed out a keyword rich domain & built their website. After 3 years, it's still there on top. Find on Google.co.uk

Hardcore Coding

As an uber-nerd, I have been using PHP/MySQL, CodeIgniter, Laravel & other languages / MVC frameworks to build robust websites and web applications.

WordPress has always been my prefered open source CMS. While WooCommerce & Magento are the ones I mostly use for E-commerce websites. Here are some of my hardcore web development projects.

CRM Application

I built Echo TaskBoard with PHP & MySQL. It's an all-in-one CRM & task management app, integrating my clients, projects, reporting, hours tracking & billing in a central system. Learn More

WordPress Plugin

I developed a custom WordPress plugin for ImageSnippets, enabling their users to create image galleries using their username. Also used REST API to create cron jobs. View on WordPress.org


Stevenage Indoor Market wanted a CMS tailored to meet their exact needs. I built a custom CMS, they can add traders info & categories, edit market map and change content on any page of the site. View Live


Quodo is an online marketplace for creative classes. I did this all myself, including design, frontend & backend development. Using WordPress as a starting point, I custom developed all the high-end features. Visit

Graphic Design

Although my main skills are Web UI/UX Design, web development & SEO, but I've also worked on a variety of graphic design, branding & animation projects.

I've participated in many design competitions and have designed logos, brochures, t shirts, flyers & business cards for so many brands.

T-Shirt Design
Logo Design
Logo & Web Design
Business Card Design

My Past Clients & Employers

In my 9-year web design career, I mostly designed & developed websites for US based businesses and brands. I've also worked full-time for some years for full-service digital agencies based in NYC and CT.

Digital Forming: 1 Month

Last month I was hired for a month-long project by Digital Forming, a 3D software development firm. I worked on a single task of redesigning their website & launching a massive digital marketing campaign for them. This included Keyword Research, Off-Page SEO, Site Speed Optimization (increased from 7.8 sec to 2.6 sec), AdWords, Social, creation of new pages of content on their WordPress and Magento based websites.

Galileo: Full-Time / 2 Years

My last full-time remote employment was with Galileo Tech Media. They're a New York based digital marketing agency with a team of around 10 highly skilled web designers. I used to work from 9am to 5pm (NY Time) with their amazing team, really had the best time working with them for two years.

Two Friendly Nerds: 1 Year

Team Intro
Testimonial from Daniel (Video)

Before joining Galileo, I was hired for a similar full-time freelance position by a Connecticut based agency Two Friendly Nerds. I remotely worked for them full-time for an year. Their CEO Dan Barret was the nicest person I've ever worked with. Here's a testimonial from him:

Echo Freelance: 6 Years

In 2008, I formed a small team of web designers & developers as I started to get more work than I could single-handedly manage. Using Echo Freelance as the brand name, we acquired projects from US based realtors, celebrities, doctors, entrepreneurs, hotels & small business owners. Till mid 2013, I continued to work as a Creative Director & Team Lead.

I'm currently looking for work, so let me know if you need a web designer for hire: adeel@echofreelance.com

Sing with Me

I recorded this intro song for Echo Freelance in 2012, when I used to have a team of web designers & developers.

Freelancer Song

A bit of history

In 2008, as a teenage freelancer, I decided to make web design my career.

I started out designing websites for friends and family. When I realized I had a knack for it, I decided to make it to my career. Within few months I started getting more work than I could handle, so I decided to hire web designers and form a team. But it was too early for me to work as a team lead and efficiently run day to day business.

It came down to one particularly bad week when I only had $250 of credit on my credit card. I decided to use it on AdWords PPC campaign to get some business. I was able to get targetted traffic over a period of a few weeks, but this didn't translate into inquiries or more business. One night at 2am, tipping it down, I was on the phone, soaked to the bone, to one of my team members moaning that I wasn’t going to continue running Web Design business anymore.

Not long after that incident, I sold some assets, such as my car, hired three web designers, was able to make my rent payment, and even pay myself. And within next few years, our team became one of the leading teams of freelancers in the US.

In 2013, after six years of successfully leading the team, I started to take up work as an individual web designer as managing a growing team was becoming a challenge for me. I used to work almost 14 hours per day and my personal life was getting compromized. So I resumed my solo career and all the team members also started working in their individual capacity for different businesses.

If you need to hire a web designer, feel free to get in touch with me. As I'm myself available for web design & SEO work. Email me: adeel@echofreelance.com

Leadership Skills

From 2008 to 2013, I worked as a Creative Director & Team Lead. Below is an intro of the team I used to lead.

I took many initiatives as a Team Lead; for instance, I developed an all-in-one CRM & project management system for my own team, combining the most useful features of many popular tools all at one place. It has the best features of Basecamp, Harvest, InVision, Trello, HipChat and other famous applications. This really helped me manage my team's work efficiently. Read More >>

My team of web designers
My team included web designers, programmers, and SEO experts. Leading a team of exceptional digital professionals was an amazing experience for me!

What Makes Me Different?

Strategic Approach

I first devise a full web strategy before initiating web design & development work. Honestly, a website becomes just another business expense if it's not bringing in leads. As a successful website is expected to be an online sales machine.

Diverse Skills

I am a one-stop shop. I can design & code a website, as well as plan & implement an SEO strategy. This means that I will not only make your website look awesome, but I will also help you pick the right marketing objectives to meet your goals.

Realistic Goals

I always set measurable, realistic and timely Goals. Along with an inspiring web design with WOW factor, I also work on the other important aspects such as SEO, website loading speed, mobile, social, interactivity etc.