Custom Website Design Services to Make Your Site Stand Out

Let my custom website design services transform your business through a truly custom web design tailored to meet the exact needs of your website visitors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Custom-Built Website Design?

By "custom" website designs I mean the most current and effective layouts. Based on each individual company or online business' needs, a site is conceptualized, designed, and built from the ground up. These "one off" designs are specifically tailored for each company, product, or service. There are no two custom-built designs alike. Each featured design is unique, unlike some design companies that use the same template for several clients. My team and I at Echo Freelance proudly offer affordable custom website design services. They are specially crafted by me and my website design artisans for your distinguished brand, which means they are much more appealing and marketable. As a result, your brand is showcased far more effectively.

Do I have to go with custom website design versus a template design services versus a template design?

If you want to stand out amongst the rest by utilizing a carefully planned, highly personable and effective web page, then I strongly recommend investing in a custom web design. Yes, it may cost more, but you will benefit greatly both in the short term and long run.

Keeping the end-user in mind, I carefully plan the aesthetics of your web design. Nothing helps your brand's professionalism like a custom-made design. Your products, services, and company image make a stronger statement when you use a custom design. You also have control over the site's colours, logo, and content.

Is the time and investment worth it?

The answer is a resounding "Yes!" When your company uses a professional custom designed layout, you will attract new customers, which means new business and more sales. Think about it…a unique style is not only an effective way of branding, but it makes a memorable statement. Custom colours and looks are particularly aesthetically appealing when designed specifically for your brand's customers; therefore, your customer base increases.

What are the differences?

Professional templates can be aesthetically pleasing; however, for the most part, they still look like a template. Because they are milled, I refer to these as "sausage factories." They're churned out en-masse and are not specific to the business, so the brand is not represented to its fullest potential.
A custom web page, on the other hand, gives your company a unique online presence in comparison. It's likely that no other site out there will resemble yours.

How much do I need to differentiate your Custom Website Design Services from others like your?

If your product is unique, leaving with you with little competition, your website may be able to get away with a template design. However, no matter what, it should be professional, flexible, and representative of your company and brand. Alternatively, if your particular story meshes with your service and sales, both you and your customers will benefit greatly from a custom designed web site.

You should consider a custom web design if:

  • You have an individualised brand with a personalized logo or icon or, as a start-up, are investing in one.
  • Your primary business would be showcased on your site.
  • Your competition plays a factor.
  • A note regarding budget: a good custom designed site doesn't have to break the bank, especially if you're just starting out. Be sure to be clear about what you want or need and what your budget is.

How do I know I'm really getting custom website design services?

Most companies provide mass production themes for websites, and then they provide the templates that plug in images and content. This lets them sell web designs at a very low cost. Yet, they label them as “Custom Designed Websites”. The reality is that simply uploading a logo and changing the colour of a WordPress template's background or playing with font styles does not constitute a 'custom theme'. These steps equate to 'customizations' but the reality is, these are not a custom-made graphic design. Do your research and review their sample portfolios. Most likely, you will spot the “cookie cutter” similarities of their "customized style design" that lacks quality, creativity, and branding, which are the qualities my team and I at Echo Freelance provide.

Can you create a Responsive Web Design for me?

Yes! My team and I create a responsive website design for your visitors and is perfectly optimized for smartphones and other small, digital devices.

Who will give design Idea?

It is the choice of the customer. Some come to me with an idea in mind that already fits their brand and services. Others prefer to leave it up to my creative minds followed by a presentation. I am able and ready to work with either type of client. No matter what, I provide you with the best and most affordable custom website design services.

How much does your custom website design services cost?

Like anything custom-made, much of the cost is dependent on the complexity of the site and the size of your project. I only provide project cost estimates once I know the basic requirements. After an initial meeting, you will be provided with a rough estimate. Rest assured the cost will be nearly half of that charged by local agencies. More often than not, my clients report that my estimate is closer to one third of those received from local agencies.

Is my current content enough?

Web design and content complement each other. Think of it in terms of form versus function where a custom-built web design is the Form that creates a strong visual as a first impression. Content, on the other hand, is the Function. It is what attracts search engines, intrigues and entices clients, and results in measurable sales.

How does your process of custom website design services work?

My goal is to create a visually appealing site that portrays a professional message to visitors. To accomplish this goal, I work closely with my clients throughout the creation process to ensure we are always on the same page with the same vision.

The first step is to schedule a meeting with you via phone or Skype (or emails if you prefer). During the session, I will discuss the current status of your website and determine the ideal features for your new or redesigned website. Consider this an introduction that lets me get to know you and your business.

In this step, I reach a consensus as to which pages are necessary for your website. From there, I create a hierarchical structure that outlines the significance of each page, the navigational ordering of each page, and grouping of similar topics.

I start with a composite sketch of the pattern with a pen and paper. From there, the design is transferred to Adobe Photoshop or illustrator. A first look is designed in Photoshop and presented to the client. We select the best typography and fonts that suit the web-based. Feedback from my client leads to revising until satisfaction is mutually agreed upon.

A link to view a mock-up of your website will be provided. Depending on the details of your particular project, you may receive several versions of designs and logos to choose from. With your valuable input, I can then go ahead and make the appropriate changes.

Once the client approves the design, I code the Photoshop design into a fully functional web using web programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, and Html/CSS. I program your website in a way that makes it responsive, offering an optimized view on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Responsive coding and testing on multiple screens and devices usually takes days (and in some cases weeks), but I still do it to make sure you don’t lose valuable customers who surf your site using mobile devices.

Typography has the potential to inject a bit of a personality into your web site — it shows the user who is behind the site and helps in representing the brand to its fullest potential. The choice of typeface is one of the most important steps in my custom web design process.

Depending on your preference, I’ll use WordPress to act as a CMS for your website or develop custom CMS tailored to meet your website’s specific editing / management needs.

Once the client has approved their new site after any additional changes, if necessary, I will launch the site by uploading it onto its real domain. I then submit a sitemap to the three top search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

Once the site is up and running, I provide information to you such as traffic statistics, which are available as on demand reports. I can narrow the reports to be as specific as specific time frames, if desired. All of my customers receive 2 hours of post launch updates for free. After that, any edits or maintenance work will be billed at my hourly rate for web edits.

Will my web load quickly in all browsers?

Yes, my team and I will increase web ding speeds to 3 times faster than its current speed. We do this by:

  • Optimizing html code
  • Removing unnecessary CSS/JavaScript
  • Merging multiple JavaScript files into once file, which reduces http requests
  • Merging multiple background images into one image file through CSS sprites.
  • Minifying CSS & JavaScript.

Recent studies show that 57% of online consumers give up on your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. I program your website to load within these 3 seconds without compromising the integrity of your graphics, user experience or look.

Do you have references for your work?

Certainly, YES! Click here to view my portfolio.

View Portfolio

What is the additional cost for more pages?

Additional pages can be added at any time during and or after the design process. My team is dedicated to building your site so that it fits your specific needs. The cost for extra pages is $80 per page. If you already have a website that you want to add to, contact me and a dedicated project manager will work with you to determine your particular needs and to provide a quote.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept Visa, Mastercard, 2Co Checkout and Paypal.

Who provides the site content in case of custom website design services?

If you have the copy and images required for your website, I can develop your site based on the text and images. On the other hand, if you need help in the process of creating text, photographs, logos or other graphic images, I can provide these services.

What is the timeframe for completing the website?

How long it takes a project from beginning to end depends on the complexity of your web design. More complex projects would have a longer list of features to be implemented, which has an impact on lead times. If a specific deadline is needed, let me know and my team and I will work with you to meet it.

I already have a domain name (or if I need one), can I keep it?

If you have the copy and images required for your website, I can develop your site based on the text and images. On the other hand, if you need help in the process of creating text, photographs, logos or other graphic images, I can provide these services.

What other web projects besides custom website design do you do?

My team and I design, develop and implement a variety of websites with 1 to 5 page informational sites to custom-built e-commerce websites and from website redesigns to complex database driven sites. If your needs are not specifically mentioned on my website, just ask because it's likely I am able to accommodate you and exceed your expectations.

Will my site be listed in major search engines?

Yes. My team and I develop your bespoke layout in a search engine friendly format. We take necessary steps to place your web-based into major search engines.

Are all of your sites completely custom designed?

Absolutely. I take pride in knowing that each client receives a unique website that is bespoke designed to your specifications. My dedicated designers, programmers and marketing experts are only limited by me and my client's imaginations. In addition, with "source code" access to all of the web technologies we work with, we are able to truly customize any aspect of your site to meet your specific needs.

I already have a web site. How would Echo work with me to redesign it?

Me at echo freelance often redesign existing web sites from easy and quick revisions to a customized, newly tailored design. No job is too big or too small for me and my team. I also offer website maintenance on a monthly basis, if needed.

Will I be able to update my site on my own?

Yes. Each of the sites I design includes a built-in, flexible content management system. Clients receive a dynamic custom website design service, if required. This makes it easy for my clients to add, edit or delete content in a specific area, and therefore no programming skills are needed.

What if I don't like the web site?

If you are unsatisfied with the initial design, my team and I will work with you to create another design. My goal is to make every client satisfied, and to do this, I communicate with them throughout the process so that their vision is successfully created.

How can I ensure my web designer creates my vision?

From the beginning, I have you fill out a detailed information sheet that describes your bespoke web design, including custom-made logo design with desired colour pallet, on my enhanced Web redesign Form.

What kind of guarantee is there on the custom website design services?

My team is comprised of the best of the best for web design and web programming. I guarantee timely delivery of your site. Along with aesthetic qualities, it will also be easy to adapt to. My design team works with each client every step of the way. I ensure 100% satisfaction.

How many design concepts and revisions are included in the quote?

One design concept is presented at first, if that one doesn't hit the mark, then I go back to work to make revisions, tweaks and changes based on feedback. However, design concepts are limited to two, but the number of revisions isn't. I have discovered that it is more productive to make incremental changes with one design at a time.

What tools and programming languages you use in custom website design services?

My team and I use HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and a variety of other programming languages. With the tools we have at our hands, your site is guaranteed to be creative and unique. My team and I currently follow flat web design concepts that give sleek looks to every web site. However, the specific program we use on a particular project depends on the type of project or web based and client requirements.

Why should I hire you over other freelancers?

Echo's custom web design services are matchless. My team and I comprise of expert designers who strive to deliver the best designing services. Here at Echo Freelance, whatever we create—from a single pixel to a piece of code—meets the vision of each of my individual clients. Everyone receives truly custom website and personal attention.

I have offered custom web design services to firms for several years. A bespoke web design accommodates companies' websites according to their individual sales strategy while taking in consideration necessary features since it is often one of the most critical aspects of their marketing plan. After serving clients for many years, I pride myself on being one of the most reliable and professional freelance web designers available today. My reputation lets clients know that I am driven, and highly motivated by client appreciation and gratitude. As such, I continuously strive to improve my services.

I recognize the valuable capital you designate and budget for your website design, development and content. Your custom-built site will be easy for your clients to navigate and will clearly show them the services you provide. All of this is a prerequisite to a strong marketing plan. Having an easy to navigate website is deliverable via a bespoke website design.

I abide by my plan to provide you with the site you envision. I pride myself on understanding my client's area of your expertise and devising a strategy that guarantees you success and a step above your competitors. My first step is to design your web page according to your vision and by the end you will have a new, ready to roll out site that matches the brand of your business.