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Looking for a freelance PHP programmer? Hire me as a PHP freelancer & let me develop your site using PHP & MySQL. No project is too big or too small.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't HTML & CSS enough for building web pages? Why do I need PHP?

PHP is a programming language that allows a site to run dynamic functions. HTML provides the basic foundation of a site, such as static information and basic content. To do more, such as the membership option, PHP is required because it makes the site interactive in that it can "react" to events, conditions, and load dynamic data from MySQL databases. One example would be the need for membership signups—PHP is needed for these types of features.

Another benefit is the automatic update across all pages on the site, for example if you utilize a navigation feature. Reasons such as this are why my team and I use PHP alongside HTML. It gives my clients more options and features.

Why do you program web sites in PHP instead of ASP.net?

When I started down this path of php freelancer, I asked the same question. With years of experience as a Freelance PHP Programmer, I've learned the following reasons why PHP is best:

  • PHP is free, whereas ASP.NET is a Microsoft product with a price tag.
  • PHP is designed to run on just about every server. That alone is reason to use PHP. Since PHP runs on Linux web hosting, can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux, and is supported by a number of free and paid IDEs, I am able to satisfy the needs of all of my clients.
  • One of the most compelling reasons is that PHP is the most popular coding language for web. PHP is used by 81.2% of all the web pages. They are comprised of the largest open source freelance PHP programmer community which entails regular contributions to PHP development. Alternatively, ASP.NET is a Microsoft property. There are enough programmer boards run by ASP.NET enthusiasts, but it isn't as extensive as PHP’s. According to the TIOBE Language Index, PHP ranks as the 6th most popular language online. ASP.NET is not even ranked in the top 20.

Why should a business have a website?

Nearly everyone searches online for resources, and if a business isn't represented in the online community, their likelihood of being found is greatly reduced.

Having a web site gives you an online presence that makes you reachable by millions, possibly even billions, of people. Potential clients can "window shop" and explore your site at their leisure from work, home, and on the go with mobile devices.

The benefits of a website include:

  • Branding.
  • Global connectivity.
  • Status.
  • Professionalism.
  • eCommerce.

With 72% of Americans having online access, your brand is available 24/7. Not only that, you will likely be surprised by how affordable it is to have your web page set up. My clients see very quickly how the return on their investment is worth it.

There are so many freelance PHP programmers out there. What makes you different?

My team has extensive knowledge in PHP, MySQL, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, and other programs. I also:

  • Live by the words that “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” My team of freelance PHP prgrammers and I do things right the first time so you don't have to wait for fixes to be made. Clients are happy with my process from start to finish because I take pride in my work ethic and in making your website my priority. My team and I create well-crafted, standards compliant web pages using semantic code, be it PHP, HTML5, XHTML, CSS or JavaScript.
  • Deadlines are a priority and so is quality. My years of experience as a freelance php programmer means I have learned to balance developing the best site possible while adhering to my clients' often critical deadlines. I accomplish this by making myself available via phone and email throughout the project.
  • I provide clients with sites that are compatible with Internet Explorer versions 6-9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iPhone, Android and iPad.

With 72% of Americans having online access, your brand is available 24/7. Not only that, you will likely be surprised by how affordable it is to have your web page set up. My clients see very quickly how the return on their investment is worth it.

Our time zones are different. How can we communicate during web development project?

Offshore companies make it imperative that communication is a priority. While I am working with you as a php freelancer, I make myself available for conference calls via Skype at times that work for my clients' schedules. This has worked well with clients from all kinds of time zones.

How long have you been in business?

I have served happy clients for over six years.

Do you have examples of your work?

Yes! My previous web development work can be seen in my portfolio.

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How much does a web page development cost?

Cost is dependent on the complexity and features required for each individual web page. I as a php freelancer tailor my clients' sites to their needs, and the cost reflects that amount of work that goes into that. For a PHP freelancer to give a basic price is difficult because no two sites are the same. One feature that is consistent is my ability to use basic search engine optimization (SEO) to increase search rankings. However, a higher level site would require further customization.

After an initial meeting, I provide clients with a quote for services. Fill out the questionnaire to get started with me as a freelance PHP programmer. I recommend being as detailed as possible when filling out the form. If you have any questions, let me know.

What is the next step toward hiring you as my freelance PHP programmer?

Provide me with a detailed explanation of your needs for your web development project and send them either directly via email to adeel@echofreelance.com or via my Questionnaire. Once I review your information, I will provide you with a contract and invoice for a deposit to being work.

Will you partner with my web designer?

Yes, I am flexible and can work with your web designer or solely with my experienced team of freelance PHP Programmer.

Have you worked on PHP MVC frameworks?

Yes, My team and I have worked on both CodeIgnitor and Yii. CodeIgniter is an open source framework used in building dynamic web sites with PHP. Freelance web developers can write code from scratch a lot quicker through libraries for commonly used tasks. It also has a simpler interface and practical structure, making it a top choice.

Yii is a high-performance PHP framework best used for developing Web 2.0 applications.

Do you also develop custom Web Apps?

Absolutely! Through the use of PHP, My team and I design and implement custom web applications. These apps increase communication and interactions with clients, vendors, employees, and anyone you do business with. Each app is customer specific in its design and modification as well as being innovative and industry-driven.
My team of freelancer PHP programmers have experience with E-Commerce and API Integrations as well as Content Management Systems (SMS), Social Networking Applications, Software as a Services (SaaS) applications, Web-based Database Applications, Enterprise Portal Development, E-Learning Systems, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By utilizing these, my clients see improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Will my web site need updates or changes? How are these handled?

It is normal for a company's web page to go through updates and changes as the company outgrows their current one. I upgrade clients' websites often by adding new features, new designs, and increased SEO features as well as continuous promotion. I start with an analysis of your current one as well as discussing the goals for improvement.

In addition, I can use your current code, even if created by another designer or php freelancer, and update certain features or sections while leaving the main infrastructure in place. I can clean up code issues with access to your ftp hosting. To get my PHP freelancer services, Simply supply me with the details of what you want and I can offer solutions and make the needed changes.

Is there an ongoing maintenance cost for Web pages?

Many companies require clients to pay a monthly fee for maintenance. I do not. The only fees you will be charged are for additional changes you need down the road. You will always know ahead of time if there are fees, and there are no monthly fees that lock you in. The one cost that might incur is the web hosting, which is an upfront agreement for us to handle this for you, but does not have to do with maintenance and is not required.

Will my site have optimized code?

Yes. I will provide simplified, search engine optimized code that allows a site to load fast, clean, and proficiently. This also simplifies fixing bugs.

You are PHP Freelancer, So who writes the content of my Website?

Content is the one area that can clog project progress. As such, I have this discussion in my initial meeting to clarify who is responsible for writing it (either my team or the client) and what the deadlines are for providing content.

I understand that writing content isn't everyone's forte. It can be a challenge and I advise against using current marketing material for your website. With a great experiance as PHP freelancer, My team and I are well versed in writing content and is available to do so. If you prefer to write your own, I can offer recommendations to help guide you through the process. With SEO being a top priority, clients often look to me for this assistance as well as the integration of a content management system (CMS), which allows you to edit your web page's content.

Explain the differences between "static" and “dynamic" Websites?

HTML is the driving force behind a static website. A site that is comprised of multiple pages will have individual html files with no database to draw from. This makes editing a website tricky and time consuming because each page needs to be edited or changed individually. Knowledge and of and access to software programs such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage are needed to do this.

Dynamic sites utilize PHP code, which allows for more complexity and customized design features for my clients. Additionally, clients are able to log in and make changes on their own if needed. A main database is at the core of a PHP site, and hence providing a more user-friendly interface. I as a php freelancer find that my clients appreciate the accessibility and simplicity behind this feature.

Why do you recommend dynamic websites as a PHP Freelancer?

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons I recommend a dynamic website allows for my clients to manage their own website once it's created. They fit into my clients' budgets because they are more cost effective.

The design is left intact, but the client has access to do things like add products, change prices, change content via the CMS, all without worry of "breaking" anything.

There is an option to have only sections of a website as dynamic. It's an "as needed" decision based on each clients' needs. Parts of a site that won't require changes can remain static.

Will my website open in all browsers?

The term "cross-browser compatibility" allows for a website to open in all browsers. I test every site I design to ensure it works cleanly and functions with all of the different browsers.

What is the difference between an app and a website?

There are a few differences. An app can:

  • Run independently outside a normal browser
  • Run whether or not it is connected to the Internet
  • Launch the same way a native device app launches

Apps are websites that can be downloaded and installed on either a mobile device or a computer. Distribution is available via a website or an app store, such as iTunes. I can build apps using open web standard like PHP and HTML5 and my clients have control of their access to the web app, meaning only paid customers can download it.

An app has the ability to run without internet service. There are some architectural additions needed to handle different connectivity situations.

Is my database safe from hackers?

Yes. My team and I use secure PHP programming queries that protect your database. SQL injections and XSS or cross scripting attacks are situations I'm used to handling as a PHP programmer.

How do I know you won’t steal my idea?

Firstly, my team and I operate as ethical and professional Freelance PHP Programmers.
Second, non-disclosure agreements are always an option.
Thirdly, time-wise, stealing others ideas and developing them is something I don't have the time for or the desire to do.

Who Owns the Code When the Website is Complete?

The code belongs to the client once the project and all payments are complete.

How long does it take to complete my website?

Some of the timeframe is dependent on the availability of content copy. If it is available, my team and I would need about 3 weeks to complete a typical project. If copy isn't available, then the delay depends on how quickly it is submitted or if I am hired to do it, how soon my team and I complete it. If the client provides it, I prefer it in a Word document.

What is hosting? Do I need it?

Webhosting is a requirement because like a car needs a place to park, so does your site and its files. Part of my service is to provide my clients with information on available webhosting companies.
I as a php freelancer strive to help my clients find the right webhosting company to fit their needs and budget. Considerations such as a storefront and database to special coding requirements are thought through in the decision.

Can I use my existing web hosting?

Oftentimes the answer is yes, but it may depend on your existing features.

How do I switch from my current web hosting company to yours?

I as a php freelancer can handle this for you as part of my services.

Will you keep backups of the database and web application files?

Yes. My webhosting server is automatically backed up on a weekly basis. I do this for a variety of reasons, including in case there is a need for hack recovery. Backups are kept for 2 years or longer. Clients are requested to perform their own backups as well.

Is your code hack-proof and free of bugs?

Not even the giants in the tech industry can guarantee against hackers. With my freelance php programmers, One main security feature is to ensure there is no access to edit code.
Steps can be taken if there is a concern, such as blocking parts of a program from specific users by using strict authentication. Hackers often use SQL Injection methods, which gives them control of a site and the ability to gain access, make changes, and destroy data. As a freelance PHP programmer I write fool-proof code to block any such hack attempts.

Will I see the design while my site is under development?

Absolutely. Clients are provided with a link showcasing the initial design of their new site. Once approved, progress toward completion will continue.

How are files delivered to us on completion of our project

Depending on your preference, I can email you the files in a desired format or by uploading through the web server on the internet.

Have you used Ajax in building web based & applications?

Yes. My team and I can develop AJAX-enabled features, such as real-time form validation, online customer service chats, whiteboard, SVG real-time charting, drag and drop, and more.