Freelance SEO consultant with expertise in On & Off-Page SEO

As a freelance SEO consultant, I don’t just do search engine optimization, I also teach my clients to fish like an SEO expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only offer freelance seo consultant services?

My team at Echo Freelance is experts in both on-page and off-page optimization. We offer a variety of services that range from content creation and optimization and long-term inbound marketing campaigns to consulting services and hands-on help implementing strategies with your company's team.

Do I need a Freelance SEO Consultant for my business website?

More than 80% of people perform Google searches, and of those, 62% never go past the first page of their search. SEO is critical to increasing your visibility in search results, ideally landing you on the first page.

Why would another freelance SEO consultant have different advice?

Each Freelance SEO expert comes with their own experience and background, and as such they will have different advice and results. Many of them use terms and phrases they've heard along the way and pass it on as advice. I pride myself on over a decade of hands-on experience as a freelance seo expert and satisfied clients. I conduct tests to ensure my SEO strategies are working and that my team's optimization is on target. I stay current via Google Patent Applications and believe that each website has its own unique circumstances.

Do you have guarantees?

I can't guarantee a #1 ranking for your website. I do, however, provide a guarantee that your website will rank at least in the top 5 search results within the timeframe we agree upon. If your site does not rank in the top 5 results, you will not receive the next monthly invoice until it does.

Google themselves will tell you to be aware of SEOs that guarantee #1 rankings. As a freelance SEO expert, what I can promise is to perfectly customize each site to my client's needs and then run an effective SEO campaign based on my professional experience and reputation. My results speak toward my consistent success.

Keywords are important, but I can't guarantee that every keyword I use will land a client on top of search results consistently. One of the reasons is that search engine algorithms change frequently because Google keeps updating them to keep freelance SEO consultants on their toes. In fact, there are on average 600 changes a year. With each change, fluctuations in rankings can occur. I stay on top of Google's algorithm changes and do what I can to keep our clients' sites fully optimized with a solid search engine optimization plan based on the most current trends.

What are the differences between SEO and SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) makes up all areas of search marketing, even PPC (paid ads), affiliate programs, SEO, social media campaigns and more. With the offer services in both SEO and SEM.

The trick to deciding between SEM vs SEO is to think about your desired end results. While the purpose for both is to attract customers, the approaches are very different. Search Engine Optimization is about achieving high rankings when key-phrases relating to your site are searched. Google gives priority to sites with clear navigation and features.

Alternatively, Search Engine Marketing is dependent on advertising and the bidding on key-phrases. Essentially, it is a fiscal approach to attracting clients.

Ultimately, the benefits of both Search engine optimization and Search Engine Marketing are increased click-through rates that lead to higher conversions.

Is Search Engine Optimization really just a result of fooling or tricking the search engines?

Search engines have complex algorithms that aren't easily "tricked." I know better and use organic approaches with my online internet marketing tactics.

With my freelance seo consultant services, to increase visibility to your site, I utilize social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Since the last Panda update, Meta tag optimizing and titles are sufficient for higher rankings. I add specific code tags on your site in video Powered by YouTube, Vimeo and others. Experience tells us that in order to receive Likes and Shares, sites have to have valuable content; therefore, I write posts on a variety of platforms to increase quality traffic.

As a freelance seo expert my motto is that ethical search engine optimization is not a result of tricking the system. Instead, I present well coded, solid structured, and fast loading web pages. Quality content that appeals to users is a critical factor as well. Keep the content visitor driven with rich keywords and you will rank higher and organically.

What if cheating gets results?

Cheating can work, but just like a diet, if you cheat on it, you're only cheating yourself. It always catches up to you, and going the ethical, organic route from the beginning pays off in the long run.

How long have you been working as a Freelance SEO expert?

I personally have been a Freelance SEO Consultant since 2008.

Do you have some successful SEO campaign examples?

Yes. Visit my SEO case studies which shows my experience as an SEO freelancer. Click on one of my clients' logos below:

How do you find the best key-phrases for my business?

Once I understand your business, market, and purpose, I ask you to give me some keyword examples. From there I do an analytics on the terms and how you rank or stand against others like you. I can then select the valuable keywords that benefit your goals. The process of selecting keywords is the most interactive between me and my clients. It takes a few rounds to fine tune the results, and is well worth it in the end.

How many key-phrases can I target?

Unlimited! I allocate a separate section of your budget for each phase. SEO campaigns are flexible to meet each clients' unique needs both as a business and fiscally.

Why do you think some keywords more difficult to target than others?

As a Freelance SEO consultant, my experience tells me that the more "short tail" or basic your key-phrase or keyword is, the more others are using it. Let's take my own term "SEO Consultant" and you will see there are tons of results. The longer the key-phrase, i.e. "Freelance SEO Consultant in Los Angeles", the less the completion will be. We strive to create a balance between short and long phrases for optimal results.

How long will it take until my site ranks on Google's page one results?

High-value competitive keywords often take longer to reach high ranking status. I've seen results in six to eight months; however, it comes down to the rate of industry competition.

How much are your Freelance SEO consultancy fees?

Search engine Optimization fees are based on a per keyword rate. I first need to understand your business goals, competition, and budget. From there I can put together a campaign cost. My fees tend to be as little as one third than agency fees since my overhead is lower.

Note: Monthly Retainer Pricing structure is applied to all the Search engine Optimization campaigns, and is not a one-time cost. Depending on the keywords, I provide a fixed monthly quote, payable on the first of every month. SEO is an endless process, and hence a one-time quote isn't an option. I work daily to keep your web site at the top ranking level in search results. Search engine algorithms are continuously changing, and Google changes their algorithms constantly. For more information, read this article by one of the top Search engine Optimization research groups "Search Engine Land" to get an idea of how many factors are involved in determining SEO costs:

My site already ranks on the first page of Google search results. Do I still need a Freelance SEO expert?

Yes. As mentioned, the algorithms are always changing, even as much as 600 times a year. In order to stay on top, it takes an ongoing commitment of Search engine Optimization practices. It's likely your competition is staying on top of their game, so you need to as well.

Will my webpage rank high for other search engines?

Google is what most people think of when it comes to search engines, but Yahoo and Bing are two strong contenders as well. Search engine Optimization travels across these different engines, so the consistency is often the same.

Is it true that On-Page optimization means to add a few Meta tags in the source code?

Definitely not! I take many steps to optimize your web site before launching the SEO campaign, such as:

  • Optimizing source code, minifying js/css code, delivering compressed files to the browser (via gzipping), combining js/css and images to reduce the number of http requests and speed up the site, which in turn helps your Google rankings.
  • Search engine optimized quality content attracts visitors and impresses the search engines.
  • Besides optimizing your website to enhance visibility, I also provide recommendations to successfully convert your site visitors into customers with effective call-to-actions, info-graphics, integrated videos about your products (if applicable), etc.
  • Optimizing keywords inside the website's content, Meta tags, page titles etc. Having a keyword only once in the content works; therefore, I also include synonyms of keywords instead of repeating the exact keywords. I find this creates diversity to your website's content as well as building trust with Google robots and real visitors.
  • Your web site will gain an optimal site design mix from our On-Page content optimization, as illustrated below:

What is the difference between having www or not in a URL when it comes to Search engine Optimization?

Web pages like this need 301 redirection. It's up to you if you want to include the www or not. Google doesn't take kindly to duplicated content, so if both types of URLS resolve without redirection, which means you're essentially duplicating each page. This is an SEO no-no.

Can you help me even if my site was delisted/banned from Google?

Yes, I help clients get relisted in Google and other search engines. As a freelance SEO expert, all I need from you is the URL and some other data. I'll perform an audit and come up with some recommended approaches to get your site listed again.

How will I receive any reports of work performed?

My project management team communicates on a board that keeps tabs of all projects. At the end of each month, I will receive a report of Search engine Optimization practices we implemented along with an analysis of your site's ranking and how I influenced them. From there, I make any updated changes need to keep your site in the high ranks. Though traffic summaries and ranking reports, you will know where your website stands and how much it has improved with our efforts. In addition, I send out weekly lists of web sites and blogs listing backlinks for your web page.

Why does my site fluctuate in rankings?

In my experience as Freelance SEO consultants, I have seen this fluctuation in rankings before. It's common for a web page to change rankings on page one searches because, for example Google often tests a site's different SERP positions to track users "votes." This means that if you site receives more clicks than others on the same page rankings, it will move up while the others move down in ranking.

How does Google view my site?

Googles uses "spider bots" to crawl websites. These bots "report" findings back to Google about the websites' content and associated pages.

Can I track the visitor hits to my site and visibility in Google searches?

I send reports of visitor traffic to clients; however, there are tools such as Google Analytics and Piwik that clients can utilize as well.

What are the significant usages of Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools during an SEO campaign?

I as a Freelance SEO Consultant rely on different tools to track an SEO campaign. For example, is used for on-page code optimization and assessment. Tools like Google Webmaster is used to keep your SEO campaign in alignment with Google's guidelines using insights about what's been indexed on your site, the links pointing to it, and the successful keywords.

When it comes to tracking traffic that an SEO campaign generates, I utilize two tools: Google Analytics and Piwik. Piwik installs directly on your server for optimum loading and tracking, as it collects each and every hit. Between the two programs, my bases for tracking traffic are covered. They are also both free.

How much increased traffic should I expect once I'm at the Top of the Search Engines?

I target key phrases that consistently attract highly qualified traffic to your site.

What’s an XML sitemap?

XML sitemaps lists pages from a site in hierarchical order that makes them crawler accessible. Doing so helps search engine bots seek out, find, crawl and index pages.

What is a robots.txt file?

A robots.txt file acts as a request for specified robots to ignore specific files or directories during their search. One example would be based on misleading or irrelevant content in relation to the category it's searching. It may also be that the application is seeking only specific data.

Can template webpages be optimized?

Yes. However, they can be restricted dependent on the company that created it. Templates don't usually rank as well as custom ones because a custom designed site takes more SEO practices into consideration.
If you want to see how the look and feel of your website would be, read more about the custom website design services that I offer here.

My current web is done in Flash. Can you help with SEO rankings?

Google and other search engines do not index sites that are Flash based. However, Google has made strides to be more compatible with most of the text used in a Flash file. This can cause issues I've already addressed in that Google doesn't favor duplicate content. It may come across as spam and lower your rankings.

HTML5 will likely replace Flash technology; however, current sites might be slow to migrate. Those are the sites that need to improve their SEO rankings, and I can do this without a complete redesign or rebuilding.

Do I need to hire you as a web designer before hiring you as a Freelance SEO consultant?

No, one doesn't require the other. There are times, however, when I need to add content or make changes to your current page for SEO purposes. These might include optimization of page titles, source codes, images, and Meta tags. I recommend the possible on-page changes, if they're needed, and from there either you can do them or you can enlist us to make them for you.