I'm a Shopping Cart developer who develops custom shopping carts

As a shopping cart developer, I can enable your customers to buy products directly from your website through feature-packed Shopping Cart development

My unique business requires a complex and customized website. Can you help me

Yes. I specialize in user friendly, customized, and advanced online shopping cart development with features that make it easy and secure for customer checkouts. My team and I work with each client to ensure this feature is ideal for their specific site.

How do I get started?

The first step would be to get a domain name for your business if you have not already, and then you will need an integrated shopping cart and payment gateway. My team and I will design and implement the shopping cart into your website and develop a bespoke web store for your site.

Where do I start to begin selling my products online?

At a simple level, a website featuring your products through an online catalog, an order form, and an address for payment submission would suffice.
If, on the other hand, your business requires a website tailored to accept credit cards, my team and I can create a storefront checkout in a secure environment and customize your site to involve the shopping cart developement, a merchant account, a payment gateway, and an SSL certificate.

What exactly is an online shopping cart?

In today's tech-driven society, having a site or app that functions on multiple computers and mobile devises is imperative and sends a professional message to site visitors.

Online shopping carts are a software program designed for an online shopping experience that allows for a virtual storefront. Visitors purchasing selected items and paying via credit cards or other means, such as PayPal.

How online shopping carts do work?

When a guest to your site is ready to purchase, he selects the product(s), which puts their item in their virtual shopping cart. They will be lead to "Check Out" or "Continue Shopping." When they're ready to check out, they will be instructed to provide shipping and billing information and credit card information. They will have the opportunity to review the order before finalizing it.

How would my business benefit from having an online web store?

In today's tech-driven society, having a site or app that functions on multiple computers and mobile devises is imperative and sends a professional message to site visitors.

When you choose to setup e-commerce on your website by hiring me as your shopping cart developer, you are making a more official statement about your business. Why? Because an online shopping cart enhances the customer experience in many ways. For example, it allows them to track their purchases, pay with ease and security with a credit or debit card, and it lets them know your business is a serious one.

In fact, my shopping cart development program for my clients has been shown to actually reduce overhead costs, increase customer bases, and even broaden the scope of my clients' products. The convenience is a huge draw to customers due to access to a greater selection of products. As a result, both time and money are saved for both my clients and their customers.

If comparison shopping is a factor with the products you sell and those who are looking to buy them, the feature that allows them to compare prices easily lets them make informed decisions. In addition, the Shopping Cart we develop can be updated with a few clicks of the customer. For example, they can increase quantity or change out a product for another one that they find.

The overall shopping experience is a win-win for both seller and buyer.

How much should I expect to spend on including a shopping cart and product ordering features to my website?

Naturally, the more bells and whistles a shopping cart has, the more products you are listing, and depending on your specific requirements, the shopping cart development cost will vary. From as little as $500 that provides a fully operational online store and cart to upwards of $3,000 or more, the cost depends greatly on the extent of the customization and demands of a site's needs.

Do you have examples of shopping cart development work?

Yes! Visit Portfolio of e-Commerce websites for examples of custom shopping cart development work.

View Portfolio .

Can I integrate an online store into my current site?

Absolutely. My shopping cart developer`s team can integrate a cart into your existing site in one of two ways: either by providing a link to a new storefront or by using your existing site.

Will I be able to add, edit or delete products in my online store?

Once the shopping cart development is implemented, you will be able to make changes on your own. You can add and delete products, change descriptions and categories, create discounts, and change prices or payment options to meet your needs. This is accomplished through the administration area of CMS (Website Content Management System). I will customize this feature for each client's site so that they can readily and easily make changes.
In addition, you will receive a complementary training session via Skype to get you up and running on the CMS.

Do you use templates when developing online stores?

Every website is treated uniquely. As a shopping cart developer I will create a custom designed concept that works with your specific site. I work with each client to achieve the results their desired results.

Will you work within the means of my low budget and little time to develop my online shopping cart website?

My team and I strive to work with clients of all budgets. If time or funds are limited, we can utilize a template based shopping cart on OsCommerce, Zen Cart, or WooCommerce as the foundation. The coding process is expedited, leaving more time for the customization. This is often accomplished for under$1000.

What is a Payment Gateway?

The purpose of a Payment Gateway is to handle the transactions that facilitate payments between the issuing bank or PayPal account and the designated credit card company. Essentially, they process the electronic transactions.

What options are there for online payment methods in an Online Shopping cart?

Through your customized eCommerce site, I integrate companies like Visa, Master Card, Skrill, and PayPal along with other credit card payment methods to handle the electronic transactions.

As an Online Shopping Cart Developer what are your thoughts about associated risks associated?

There are security measures in place that make online shopping development just as safe and secure for customers as other types of shopping experiences. My shopping cart development experts use the Internet standard 128-bit SSL encryption that allows your customer to use credit cards in a secure environment.

What is an online store website merchant account?

Initially, you will want to set up a merchant account. This is a bank account that tracks online monetary transactions from your website.

Am I able to design my own shopping cart website?

Yes, I work with clients who come to me with a concept in mind that my team and I can readily work with. Whether it's a concept or complete design, the end result will be a shopping cart developed and implemented from your original design.

Can you develop responsive web stores?

Absolutely. My team with talent of shopping cart development create responsive online stores whose websites readily work with devices such as iPad, Tablet PC, Smartphone, iPhone, and Desktop PC.

How many products will my web site's shopping cart support?

My team can integrate an unlimited number of products for your website. Whether it's a handful of items or an entire lineup of multiple products, we are here to meet your needs.

How can my shopping cart website index and rank high in Google and other search engines?

Your SEO goals will be met by my development team. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which means my clients' sites rank high in the top search engines, such as Google, Bing and other search engines.

Who writes the content copy for my online shopping cart website?

Some clients come to me with content copy ready to implement while others rely on me to create the content. I use content that is SEO friendly so your site ranks high in online searches, while also appealing to visitors and the branding of your site.

Can bugs in my already developed web store be fixed?

Indeed. Bugs are fixed by my team of shopping cart developers when a client sends me the FTP logins. I track the hours spent and invoice the client based on my hourly rate.

What is Zen Cart?

Zen Cart is the top ranked shopping cart development platform used by merchants because they make them a priority. Although web designers have literally hundreds of options available to them, Zen Cart out ranks them. Others I've used for shopping cart development include osCommerce and WooCommerce, both of which have benefits.

What hours are you available?

I am available to clients on a full-time basis as a shopping cart developer. Fill the Questionnaire to receive a quote. My team of experienced shopping cart developers is accustomed to meeting stringent deadlines. I will make myself available to clients at regular and odd hours of the day, realizing that not everyone lives in the same time zone as I do!