I develop scalable websites

I`m Adeel Ather, a freelance web developer who builds amazing user-friendly websites and web apps. My codes are custom written from the scratch with clean syntax and SEO optimized configuration.

The website application I have developed ranges from small one off registration forms to completely incorporated enquiry forms, booking forms, management and e-commerce solutions.

A Freelance Web Developer Who Develops sites The Right Way!

I’m a freelance web developer who develops scalable, manageable and high performance websites. A web developer who also designs creative looks for websites!

Clean Codes

Without mincing words, writing codes is a simple task that any lay man can undertake. In fact, any freelance web developer can write programs that computers can understand. However, it is not all freelance web developers, regardless of their experience can write codes that human beings can comprehend. Therefore, each time I embark on a website development project I write clean, accurate and web compliant codes that boosts the operational efficiency of your website, with reference to optimal use on the part of your costumers. Cleanly written code also makes a website scalable, as it won’t be difficult for any web developer to read & understand the code written by me later when there is a need to integrate more features into the website.


Each time I develop a new website I consider the possibility of business growth and expansion in the future. Thus, this consideration spurs me to develop a scalable website that new features can be integrated into it as the frontiers of your business expand.

Cost Effectiveness

Usually, my clients testify that my estimate is nearer to one third of those charged by local agencies. Apart from the fact that cost of living in my region & my overhead is lower, I’m able to work at such a lower price by doing agile web development.

Been agile is an important mindset that comes with the resolution to stay ahead of competitors and give my clients splendid web solutions that suits their tastes and business perfectly. It is a process, an action, attitude that runs concurrently to get your job done within a stipulated time frame.

In the same vein, this unique characteristic helps to mop out time-suck, perform sanity checks and ensures that I add value to your project.

Above all, it helps me to concentrate of delivering a great website to you by assisting me to get ahead of constraints in my work process, with an acute positioning that help in reaching my clients milestone- thus cutting down unnecessary cost that may arise as a result of laxity.

Error-Free Development

What I can NOT do is deliver a 100% error-free website or web application – and neither can anyone else. As Alan J. Perlis rightly says:

“There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works” Due to unlimited possibilities in usage scenarios, there is always a possibility that your website users may experience a problem while using your website days or even months after it has gone live.

What I can do is give attention to details and deliver the website only after properly testing it with all possible usage scenarios that I can think of. With my brilliant track-record of last 5 years by means of working with several top European & American firms, you can definitely rely on my abilities as a freelance web developer.


Robert J. was kind enough to record this video testimonial for me. I've been working for Robert on a variety of projects since last 3 years, ranging from web development and branding through to SEO. Click to play!

Making me Reliable

Reputation is character, and character is brand. As a result of my great repute my clients know that I am highly motivated by appreciation.

Been appreciated spurs me to continuously work tirelessly to give my clients worthwhile and unique services. Here is a complimentary video I received from one of my clients:


Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability. As Bertrand Meyer rightly says:

“Complexity kills. It sucks the life out of web developers, it makes products difficult to plan, build and test, it introduces security challenges and it causes end-user and administrator frustration.” Therefore, when working on a website application project I imbibe the tenets of being simple while developing the project. Imbibing this great attribute as a freelance web developer helps me to churn our reliable product and a service that makes you yearn for more.


The ease of administering the admin panel is another essential factor that must not be overlooked when developing a website and its corresponding applications. The successful operation of content based website is premised on two key factors; these are maintenance and updates. An indispensable feature of all website I develop is the ease of making content update and amendments through a simple CMS template.


When developing a new website it is germane for a prolific freelance web developer like me to take into cognizance the overall performance of your website. A performance optimized website loads fast and ranks high on search engines. As a result of this, an optimal performing website will help you generate the needed revenue and retention via an easy to use interface. Without much ado, this is what I do when I design web applications and I will not hesitate to do this for you.

Design Aesthetics and Conversions

As an experienced freelance web developer I understand the fundamental of branding. With my mastery of branding I will help you showcase your product and services through exclusive designs that are tailored to suit your company’s uniqueness. Similarly, this unique web presence will help generate the traffic your website needs and eventually convert them into sales leads. Hence, I take pride in helping business like your create and generate sale through simplistic and exclusive web design.

Are you in need of a freelance web developer or a designer?

You need to know who and what you are looking for — web design or web development. Knowing the difference helps you to get a job well done.

The role a web designer play in the overall creation of a website differs from that of a web developer. While the web designer designs the GUI of a website-which is the exterior part of the website (the elegant make over specialist). The web developer writes the program that dictates the operational function of the website. Invariably, despite their difference in the work process the essence of Echo’s web designers and developers coming together helps to create a website of great aesthetic taste and operational value. That is why working has a team is good.

Meet my team

We are a team of proficient geeks which includes both developers and designers with years of experience in our respective fields.

At Echo Freelance I have an exclusive team of freelancers that includes a graphic designer, a front-end developer, a programmer and a marketer. The gel of this idividuals help us to provide contemporary and spiced to taste web solutions that fits the demand of our clients.

My Portfolio

Listed below are some of the projects that I worked on recently:

  • Content management systems for websites
  • Bespoke web based invoicing systems
  • Web design, branding & SEO projects
  • E-commerce websites & applications
  • System integrations to optimize business processes
  • Luxury travel booking systems
  • Online ticketing and booking systems for the entertainment sector
Some American and European brand have subscribed to the use of my services starting from 2008 till date. You can click on my client’s logo below to check their profiles.

I deliver on Budget and on Time

Prompt delivery: I do not have the need to impress you with the jargons of web developing. Once you approach me for any service. I start with consultation and delivery schedule plans. Once I have this on ground, I will embark on designing a responsive and scalable website and website application which I will deliver on the nick of time with reference to budget equity.

Cheap cost: after my initial consultation with you, I will draw the time frame and budget of your project. You do not have to fret, my charges are cheap- Just one third of what is charged by all local web developing agencies.

Tasks I can carry out for you as a Freelance Web Developer

I am a web developer with great artistic essence which cannot be undermined. As a result of my penchant for vivid illustrations I have worked of varieties of SEO and marketing campaigns which make eclectic as a freelance web developer.

I can carry out the following task see below:

Develop a Custom CMS for you

I will deliver a unique custom CMS for your website. This custom CMS shall be tailored to suit your taste. This custom web panel will be an extremely simple yet effective tool. In the same vein, it shall be developed to suit your managerial skills- in terms of content modification, content update and customer management I assure you that Unique Custom CMS will equip with the relevant administrative panache without incurring additional costs or hire a external web manager.

The custom CMS will make your website’s panel multifunctional. Hence, from editing to page updates, from controlling customers to changing layout and images shall be set within a flexible and secured web environments with custom feature modules specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Features I can develop as a freelance web developer:

  • User management
  • Content versioning and audit
  • Central asset libraries
  • Intuitive design
  • Integrated spell checking Secure
  • Rich text content editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Backup and security

Make your web Responsive

One website for all screens and devices

Your website shall be grounded on a responsive interface. Making your website responsive entails incorporating multiple websites into a single web panel. This type of condensed integration of multiple websites into one will help to trim down your managerial costs in lieu of managing multiple websites. Thus, this unique integration will make your website responsive on all platforms like mobile devices and browsers.

Help you Go E-Commerce

I know the difference of custom and customized

Regardless of the type of E-commerce website you have, I will direct traffic to your websites by writing clean codes that will make your website rank high on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Directing traffic to your website will automatically generate sales leads. Therefore, knowing the difference between a custom made and customized E-commerce website will serve as the background plan to help you integrate personalized features such has online payment forms, membership forms, Item search and other custom components that will enhance sales.

Thus, with my experience coupled with that of my team members I shall develop a standard E-commerce website for you, ranging from instant online shops to start-up E-commerce websites. We have delivered a large range of E-Commerce websites - have a look at our portfolio of E-Commerce websites. You may also check out FAQs, I have answered the questions most frequently asked by my clients regarding shopping cart development

Sing with Echo

Tired of reading? Chill now with our team song!


Languages and frameworks I can work

Expertise in a huge range of web programming languages and platforms makes me the developer your web business needs!

What is a framework?

Framework is the context of in which a programming language is situated. It could be likened to a shopping basket filled with different types of groceries. It allows you to handle a lot of operational function within your website’s system owing to the fact that it is written from the scratch and permits to spend little time on the components of your web application are custom to you. Invariably a typical example might be a lost login procedure which virtually the same for most websites. As you will receive an email with a URL to reset your password. We do not have to custom build components of such nature since we already have it in our grocery filled basket.

Backend frameworks

At Echo Freelance my team and I will deliver your project in PHP frameworks such as Code Igniter, Zend, Cake and Symphony. All these listed programs are Open Source PHP frameworks designed for building extraordinary quality custom web applications. They are widely adopted frameworks ideal for creating highly interactive and custom platforms. Based on the PHP language you can still leverage the entire PHP code base if you need to. Your front-end pages are still written in the very latest HTML5, CSS and JQuery JavaScript framework, fully search engine optimized and mobile adaptive.

With regard to the full stack, these PHP frameworks sit on top of a standard LAMP installation (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) so they leverage the most common web-hosting stack in the world.

Frontend frameworks

I know the difference of custom and customized

A front-end web development framework is simply a collection of production ready HTML/CSS/JavaScript components that we can use in our builds. There are many frameworks out there but some of them stand out from the crowd. One of the most powerful and popular frameworks I use is Bootstrap. Bear in mind that it is not just CSS grids or so, but instead full-featured front-end development framework.

E-commerce features that I can develop

The Echo’s team consists of experienced mavens at building attractive, functional and responsive ecommerce websites which are developed to fit business requirements and importantly to suit our client’s budget.

A properly plotted and developed ecommerce website will never refrain from generating sale. A well-developed ecommerce website will definitely perform the following functions: generate traffic, convert traffic to sales leas, and finally convert sales lead to sales. Hence having a properly developed E-commerce website will have positive impact on your sales. With rich experience in developing E-commerce solutions that sells, I will develop a custom and user friendly interface with high responsiveness across all platforms.

Some features of the E-commerce that I will develop

I will integrate an administrative interface for your website’s dashboard. This will allow you control happenings on your website from a central location-Sales reports, order status, customer registrations, and searches.
Home page management:
A unique home page manager that controls all sections of the homepage, featured products, marketing zones as well as all the SEO elements will be created to add value to your website.
Order fulfillment:
With the system I will develop for you can not only View the status of all orders but you can also search for orders and customers, mark items as dispatched, group orders to print all packing / dispatch slips and invoices with one click.
Product management:
I will create an easy to use management area for your products- this feature will be clearly laid out in a way that will enhance purchase on your website. These features will be designed in concise way with supplementary tabs for advanced features such as: Create product variations, duplicate products, set default options, add to promotions and grouping.

Content pages management:
Your website will be modeled in way that will give you the ability to manage content for additional pages and subpages.
Product reviews:
After making a purchase your customers are able to provide feedback on their purchases and rate the products. All approved rating scores and statements then appear alongside the product.
Stock control:
Your control panel will provide you with the ability to manage your stock levels and ensure there are no fulfillment issues.
User permissions: A flexible administrative system which enables a multi-user managerial access shall be integrated. However, the level of each access will be designed, defined, and patterned according to the roles of your administrative team members.

Telephone orders:
An exclusive platform that offers an interface to process your customers order on phone shall be added.
Auto complete search:
An all-encompassing auto search system like Google will be integrated into your system to allow your customer make a one-stop search of products and locate them without itch.
Cross sell products:
Allows for recommended / associated products to upsell at appropriate points within the sales process.
Payment gateway integration:
This interface will be designed to support multiple payment gateways, such that any payment gateway with a suitable interface can be integrated with, however the common platforms which customers regularly use like Sage Pay, HSBC, Streamline, PayPoint and PayPal shall be integrated.

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