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Web Developer Portfolio with 100+ freelance development projects

With nearly a decade of self-taught freelance web development work, my web developer portfolio showcases custom-built websites and web applications.

Characteristics of my Web Development Portfolio

Some of the characteristics that are common in websites shown in this web developer portfolio are:

Clean Coding

I am a firm believer that good CSS code must be paired with equally good HTML markup. Once again, I used CSS and JavaScript separately, so that it would not bogged down the page load time. It contributes to keeping the coding clean and efficient. We don't leave hanging "divs" and I use W3C Validator, which ensures coding validation.

Agile Web Developer

The term "agile web developer" means a web developer who is proficient at making a website streamlined and efficient. Simply put, I do away with anything that wastes time and value.
Instead, time is spent adding value to each website. By implementing tactics such as content optimization and optimizing code, we are able to save a lot of time on projects.

Easy Navigation

If the visitor can't find a way around your website, you may as well pack up and go home. Navigation is a key area of focus for any freelance web developer. I implement top navigation so that there is a little room below for optimization content and images. I keep the title short and purposeful, so that developers understand clearly what they mean. By using proper internal linking, the websites I develop are aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. The result is always high Google rankings, with first page rankings a priority.