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Statistically, Google brings proximately 1.1 billion searchers who make 114 billion searches monthly, 91.5% of whom only stay on the first page of results. This is hard evidence that SEO is essential for a company to rank high in search results.

An SEO Freelancer who knows how to make SEO work!

I don’t just make promises, my results speak for the success rate of my freelance SEO services. I'm an SEO freelancer you can rely on!

No matter the size of the business, SEO is critical to its success. In order to ensure this success for clients who hire me as an SEO freelancer, I deliver well coded, fast loading webpages with quality content. Utilizing rich keywords that are appropriate to their brand and business, I create content for their website along with inbound links from other reputable websites that will ensure increased visitor traffic and higher ranking search results.

From the start, I prepare an in depth market research and devise a plan to find the ideal keywords for the SEO campaign. When that is complete, the marketing plan is implemented, this include: guest posts, forum comments, blogging, social media marketing to include interactive discussions, and much more.

Freelance SEO Services By Me – The Difference

My team and I are comprised of freelancers who have extensive knowledge in both on-page and off-page optimization. On-page and off-page SEO is critical to your website's visibility and presence. It's always my goal to land you on the first page of search results. I also:

  • Ensure I Perform analytics to support my SEO strategies. The implementation by my Freelance SEO team delivers the promised results. I stay current with trends by participating in researches conducted by industry known SEO groups such as Moz. A successful SEO campaign is is original and supports not only the client's target, but their goals.
  • No SEO freelancer can guarantee number one position for every keyword. However, I can promise my clients that they will rank among the top 10 search results on 1st page within time-span we agreed upon. If for some reason this doesn't happen, you will not be invoiced until your site on the 1st page of Google for most of the keywords.
  • During every clients SEO campaign, I am available for instant chat or conference calls via Skype. I work during hours that suit the needs of my client, no matter what the time zone or day of the week.
  • As a freelancer, my fees tend to be approximately 1/3 the cost of a local SEO agency, simply due to the fact that my overhead is lower due to my region and Costa living. This allows me to provide quality service at a lower price for my clients.

Meet my team

Before you read further, see how I make all this happen for you at Echo Freelance!

My team of SEO Freelancers
Echo Freelance is comprised of talented freelancers, including freelance marketers who work closely with my designers and developers. The results are one team who delivers a high-quality package to our clients, providing them with an amazing return on their investment.

My SEO Process

I assure that my clients receive high quality, ethical services. My team and I offer a wide range of services, including: long-term inbound marketing campaigns, content creation, and effective strategy consulting. This is achieved through the following six steps:

SEO Process
SEO Process

1. Keyword Research and Competitors Analysis

Qualifying keyword selection with analytics

I qualify keyword selection through contemporary market statistics. After discussing your business, including its market and purpose, I will ask for keyword examples that relate to your business. With those terms and hands, I perform an analytics to determine how you rank against your competitors. From there, I can pick the keywords that best benefit your goals. This is the most collaborative effort between an SEO freelancer and his client, and it normally takes a couple of rounds to get the best results. The SEO campaigns I offer are flexible depending on the client's needs and budget. I recommend a hybrid approach in choosing between short-tail (generic) and long-tail keywords.

2. Time Frame and Pricing

Charges little as one third than local agency fees

Competitive keywords won't have immediate results, and can take a bit longer to reach high ranking status. I've seen results in up to four months. No matter what, it often comes down to keywords and industry competition.

Since every customer and industry is different, no two campaigns are the same. The monthly fees of an SEO freelancer are dependent on the keyword and how competitive it is on Google already. Each keyword is priced separately. Once I understand your business' goals, your competition, and your budget, I can provide a proposal for the monthly cost of your campaign. Due to my region having a lower cost of living, my fees are often one third that of others in this industry.

Note that a one-time quote is not possible because SEO is an ongoing process that must be worked and tweaked in order to achieve the top ranking positions in search results. This is especially true because Google continues to change their algorithms, as much as 600 times per year. Therefore, we are constantly striving to keep up with the changes and as such, adjust our clients search engine optimization efforts. A stale SEO approach will show immediately. This is why we make a continuous effort, and so costs can be variable.

No matter what, we are here to help your business earned those top rankings by promising you a clear, long-term solution for your specific brand and return on investment.

3. On-Page Optimization

I don`t just optimize Meta and Title Tags!

Things that I do prior to launching the SEO campaign that will help your Google rankings:

  • I optimize source code, minify JS & CSS code, deliver compressed files to the browser (via gzip), combine JS & CSS and images to reduce the number of http requests and speed up the website.
  • I'm not just an SEO freelancer, I'm also a content writer who writes quality content that is industry specific, optimized and attracts quality visitors.
  • I provide recommendations that will result in the conversion of visitors to customers with effective call to actions, graphics, and integrated videos regarding your products, if needed.
  • I utilize quality keywords in the website content, meta tags, page titles and sitemap etc. You only need a keyword once in the content for it to work; therefore, I use synonyms of keywords rather than being repetitious with exact keywords. This gives variety in the content and builds trust with Google robots and real visitors.
  • Through URL and internal link optimization, I can make your website user-friendly and extremely effective in regards to SEO. This will also help in establishing site architecture and spreading link juice properly.

How do I create them...

It starts. In order to fix a situation, you always have to analyze the problem. That's exactly how an SEO freelancer should approach this process, starting with the detailed market research in order to plan an effective strategy that utilizes the right keywords. An inbound marketing plan includes: publishing multimedia content, such as videos and graphics, article marketing, and social media that involves interactive discussions.

It’s Endless. An SEO campaign is an ongoing process, and in order to track the impact and to ensure continued results, all of this is tied to a progressive approach to natural link building. We provide unique industry related content that is published on a variety of blogs and platforms.

Benefit from competitors' links. Open Site Explorer from Moz is one place I guess it in order to analyze who is linking to your competitors and where they link on the site. This process helps analyze potential companies who will link to your site.

I stick with it. It's a favorite saying here at Echo Freelance: links beget links!
In time, an increased number of websites that you linked to will mean that others will want to link to you too. It becomes a popularity game, and goes under the notion of wanting to keep up with who's current.

I avoid paid link practices. One practice I don't endorse is paid link placements or link exchanges. These are non-organic practices and can impact long-term results in negative ways. Google is not a fan of them, and even their latest algorithm change speaks to that.

Website content creation: The trick with website content is finding the balance between what users want to read what search engines want to promote. It's my goal to keep the content written what the visitor and minds while using rich keywords, both of which will give you organically high rankings.

Content-based link building strategy: The content I provide clients with his link building strategy concept that includes article marketing. With in-depth guest post, the content is written with keeping brand expertise in mind.

I make you an authority on your field: Keeping the content relevant to my client's target customers, while using a backlink to their website from a reputable blog provides the most positive long-term results. Doing so will build a strong industry reputation for the client as well.

6. Local SEO

I know the most significance ranking factors for Local Search

For businesses depend on local clients and customers, we understand the importance of ranking high on local web searches.

By using clear name, address and Phone (NAP) information, we can achieve high search engine rankings. By adding NAP information and securing authoritative links, clients will send strong local signals.

Local Search results differ between desktop and mobile There are two different types of local searches. Ones that include a location in the query, e.g: "SEO Freelancer New York", and generic searches without the location, such as "SEO Freelancer", but with the physical location of the searcher in the United States.

Compared to searches made from mobile devices, desktop searches matter more for search queries that include a location in the keywords because they are not as influenced by the location of the searcher. On the other hand, mobile searches require a more comprehensive optimization as they give importance to the location of the searcher and tend to show more results from Google Places.

Sing with Echo

Tired of reading? Relax yourself with my team's song!

SEO Freelancer Intro Song

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays social media not only influences the search engine results, but it also helps establish customer's trust and create brand awareness.

We will run an effective social media marketing campaign for your business, working as your online brand ambassadors to make your products go viral!

Client Endorsements

Below are recent complimentary notes & testimonial videos from my clients.

Our client Robert J. was kind enough to record this video testimonial for my Freelance SEO services. Click to play!
Testimonial by Laurence

"Adeel designed and programmed our website redbrickpm.co.uk and conducted a massive SEO campaign that included relevant keywords to our industry. In the past year we have seen a very impressive increase in traffic to our website. Because of this, there has been significant increase in client enquiries, resulting in new business. We got a significant boost in business and his efforts raised our portfolio and presence within the industry overall. We strongly recommend Adeel Ather's services as an SEO freelancer and web designer."

Laurence Norris, Red Brick Management
Testimonial by Alex

"Adeel, thank you so much for your efforts in bringing my business up to date with the current trends. An 80% increase in new clients from my website via search engines and SEO efforts, is more than I could have imagined."

Alex Periera, Altus Lift LLC

Forward-looking Strategies

Google tends to like updating their algorithms, so much so that they do it as often as 600 times a year. Because they do this, SEO freelancers need to keep on their toes when it comes to search engine optimization practices.

There is a misconception out there that if you have enough keywords embedded in your website, you'll automatically rank on the first page. This is simply not true. SEO is an ongoing process that requires diligence and attention to analytics, updated algorithms, and knowing what the competitor is doing. We utilize the best practices to ensure organically high rankings for all of our customers. This includes an ongoing campaign to not only get the website ranked on the first page, but to keep it there.
There are two terms in the industry, white hat and black hat, and we take the white fat, more honest approach. As it turns out, the black hat approaches and up costing those companies in clients and reputation. We like to do things honestly, ethically, and with integrity for all involved.

Results speak louder than words

Fortunately, my results speak for themselves. Having worked with some of Europe's top brand names, I am in a position to provide SEO case studies with details of the work performed and the results generated for clients: simply click on a client logo for more information.

Google Analytics & Web Master Tools

Google Analytics and Web Master are two tools that I often use for tracking traffic during an SEO campaign. Both of them are free, and together they provide all the information I need.


Long-Tail versus Short-Tail Keywords

I recommend tens of different long-tail keywords instead of a few short generic ones

Short-tail keywords are fading into the background, according to recent research. The techs at Google are making a concerted effort to understand the intent of Google searches. What I know now is that dozens of different long-tale keywords will have 80% higher potential for conversions compared to a few short-tail or generic keywords. This is compelling evidence that we can use to help our clients. The best thing about long-tail keywords is that they speak directly to the user's intent. Since the ultimate goal is to increase conversions, for example making people subscribe or purchase, the long-tail keywords are most effective. Here is why:

Consider the difference in short-tail keyword "SEO Freelancer" and its long-tail alternative "Find an SEO Freelancer in London". When someone types in "SEO Freelancer" in Google, the results will be broad scoped and generic. Alternatively, when someone searches the words "Find an SEO Freelancer in London", they will receive narrowed results that speak to their specific request.

The Intersection Of SEO & Web Design

Even though I often use parallax, responsive, and HTML5 design, and will combine and incorporate them in a project; in all cases, site architecture and accessibility remains the ultimate SEO concern.

Reasonable Surfer Patent

The point of having a website is to draw traffic. As such, I constantly keep the end user in mind in regards to Google's reasonable surfer patent. The more prominent links in the links that are clicked more often are the ones that pass more internal page rank, according to this patent.
By keeping our web designs user-friendly, everyone benefits. The idea is to lead visitors to links in order to find the content needed. It is always our goal to design user-friendly pages that provide optimal SEO practices.

Responsive design

Responsive design is recommended by Google for multiple devices. The advantages extend to the user experience and optimal website performance on multiple devices.

Besides user experience benefits of responsive web design, the main attraction for SEO is that it does not diminish a website's link equity. This means that a responsive web design only needs one URL to reach all devices. This is a huge benefit when it comes to external back linking.

Penalty Removal

If you've been let down by another company's approach to SEO services, let me perform an audit of your website to remove any resulting penalties.

Many clients are relisted with Google and other search engines by my efforts. In my role as an SEO Freelancer, all you need to provide me with is the URL and a little bit of data. Once I perform the audit, I can supply you with the proposal for a recommended campaign.

All you need is getting found on Google?

People are searching for companies just like yours all the time–we ensure they find you. So the first step is driving traffic. But getting visitors to enquiry is equally important, which is why an SEO campaign isn’t only about ranking in search engines. It’s about conversion of those visitors.

It's one thing to be on the Internet and have a web presence, it's another to ensure that the people who need to find you can find you. By utilizing the best keywords that increased potential for conversions, your target audience is more likely to find you, and to have a more user-friendly experience. This results in a win-win situation for everyone.